Driver Training Resources for Rural Transit Managers

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Multi-topic Resources:

  • National RTAP's "2 the Point" Training Cards - designed to be quick refresher training that drivers can review at convenient times. Cards are available in English and Spanish. Card topics include:

ADA and Sensitivity
Bloodborne Pathogens
Customer Service
Defensive Driving
Distracted Driving
Drugs and Alcohol
Emergency Management
Passenger Safety
Transporting Non-Ambulatory Passengers

  • National RTAP's eLearning system includes training modules that drivers can complete online.

Driver Distraction
Driver Fatigue
Failure to Buckle Up
Following Too Closely
Inadequate Evasive Action
Inadequate Surveillance
Too Fast for Conditions

Employee Guide to All-Hazards Awareness and Preparedness
Employee Guide to Preventing Workplace Violence
Employee Guide to Securing Community Mobility
Employee Guide to Transit Operator Fatigue
Infectious Disease Awareness and Prevention
Emergency Preparedness Guide for Transit Employees: On the Job and At Home

Bloodborne Pathogens:

Customer Service:

Distracted Driving:

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Entry-Level Training Requirements for Interstate CDL Drivers:

  • 49 CFR Part 380, Subpart E—Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements before February 7, 2020 
  • 49 CFR Part 380, Subpart F—Entry-Level Driver Training Requirements on or after February 7, 2020 

Passenger Assistance and Sensitivity:

Pre-trip Inspection:

Wellness/Fitness for Duty:

Updated April 9, 2019